My name is Donna. I have been married to a wonderful, supportive husband for the last 10 years. We have 6 beautiful girls starting at 11 and our youngest is 1. They are my inspiration for everything I do.
  I started crocheting when I was about 8 or 9 but nothing fancy, just the good old chain stitch my Grandma Vi showed me. I learned to sew from my Grandma Pat. She used to make quilts and sold them at quilt shows and at DogPatch USA. I remember my first pillow I made for my home ec. class. It was a yellow sunbonnet sue pillow with a yellow ruffle all around it. Of course she made it easy on me, she had a ruffling foot that I really wish I had now.
When I had my girls I loved all the little hair bows but it seemed buying more than 1 was so expensive. I probably would have afforded that expense if I could have found some I loved and would match their Christmas and Easter dresses. I started making my own, and fell in love with the craft. My girls love wearing hair bows (with the exception of my 1yr. old, but I will convert her lol). I LOVE that my 11yr. old still loves wearing hair bows.
  I started teaching myself to crochet beyond the chain stitch by looking at books, patterns, tutorials, and if it was to hard to figure out, videos. I made my oldest a blanket when she was 3 that she still carries around. I really wanted to knit because I loved how it looked. I had a friend that showed me how to cast on and start knitting and purling but it seemed harder than it was supposed to be so I put it down for a while. I came across a book that I fell in love with called Itty Bitty Hats and wanted to pick up the needles again. I figured out I was casting on to tightly and that is what made it difficult to start my first row. Also, come to find out, there are different ways to cast on. I loved the tutorials in the front of the book that helped with the stitches. I think the only thing I didn't like about knit is that it takes longer than crochet.


Deinnaann said...

It's amazing that there's still stuff I didn't know or realized about you growing up, esp us being sisters!!

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