Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Faux Chenille Blanket

 I found the tutorial for this blanket on MADE. I also looked at the tutorial on Aesthetic Nest because I liked the idea of using flannel.
 The only directions I didn't follow on MADE is I didn't use the adhesive spray or pins. I found that the flannel sticks to itself and anything else that it is on naturally. I also didn't have the same problem Aesthetic Nest did with the flannel stretching because instead of sewing with the flannel side up, I sewed with the fabric side up to prevent stretching of the flannel.
Cutting was very tedious but I really don't think the cool gadget Aesthetic Nest had was really necessary. Would I complain if I had one? umm.. no especially after my hand was killing me when I got done. This blanket was SOOO worth the end result! I love it!


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