Saturday, February 4, 2012


Legwarmers bring back so many memories from my childhood. I didn't wear them to dance class, or to ballet, but I loved to wear them over my jeans when I played out in the snow. I always noticed when I didn't have them on while I was outside because my legs would get so cold! These legwarmers tempt me to ask my sister to make me  a pair.:)
 If you want to make your own, she got her pattern from Bonita patterns. She would be more than willing to make you a pair though:) She has an awesome Facebook page called Papillon Couture where she sells these and some really nice newsboy hats. Go check it out!
 Didn't she do an awesome job? I thought so too:) 


Deinnaann said...

Aww Donna you're such a sweet sister!! I loved leg warmers too! These ones work best with leggings or the new in style jeggings.

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