Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sweater Dress

Sweater Dress 

I LOVE sweaters and sweater dresses. I loved this sweater. I loved the detail of the knit, I love the lace detailing around the neck, and I love the colors.

Unfortunately, this sweater got a hole in the arm:( I knew it would happen when I snagged it on a nail, but I guess I didn't realize it would do this much damage after the wash
Well, I guess I should throw it away repurpous it. This is the perfect size for my 4 yr. old. I grabbed a shirt that I knew fit her 
and starting from the bottom in sort of an a-line shape, cut all the way up to the top. 
Now the neck is to big, so I cut both the shoulders like this
then I guessed about how much I would need to cut off to make a big enough opening for her head

Now it is time to cut the sleeves. I don't have a pattern I follow, I just cut in sort of an L shape. I do lay the shirt I used on top of the sweater just to get an idea of how big to make the arm opening.
Then I fold the dress in half to make sure I get both sides exactly alike.
next comes the sleeves. I am going to start on the ripped sleeve because that will determine how long the sleeve will be. I line the top edge of my arm opening close to the tear and the side edge of my arm opening diagonal on the sleeve.

Then you will put that sleeve on the other sleeve to make sure they are both equal.
When you have all your pieces cut, it is now time to start sewing. Start with the shoulder seams first, then sew the side seams. Knit is very stretchy so don't pull on it as your sewing. If you are having trouble with it pulling to much, adjust your stitch length to a longer stitch. When you get all that done, put your sleeve in the armhole of the sweater. Make sure right sides are touching. 
                                 Have the top point of the sleeve match up to your shoulder seam

Pin the top shoulder seam in place. Next, line up the seam on the bottom of the sleeve to the side seam. If you want to pin this all the way around, feel free. I don't because, well, I don't like pinning.

Do the other side of the sleeve exactly the same way. Turn it right side out and Voila! Your sweater dress is done:)


Deinnaann said...

I'd love to see a pic of the finished product!!! Great idea to repurpose it!!!

Donna said...

Thanks Deinna! I am going to put a pic of it. Maddie loved it! :)

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